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Menopause Festival 2023

#FlushFest23, a Menopause Festival organised by two Edinburgh alumni, will take place online and in person in Edinburgh on September 8th and 9th.

FlushFest 2023 poster
FlushFest 2023 poster

About FlushFest

The world's first Menopause Festival returns for its fifth year, taking place on the 8th and 9th September. The festival aims to educate and to entertain, normalising the menopause, not sensationalising it. Join #FlushFest23 in person or online for a festival full of menopause facts, fun, storytelling, wellbeing workshops and much more.

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Menopause happens to half of us and often affects the other half who live and work with us, yet it is often shrouded in ignorance and shame. It can be a time of transition and transformation, a re-evaluation of our purpose and priorities.  

The Menopause Café charity was founded by two Edinburgh University alumni, Rachel Weiss (MSc Knowledge Based Systems, 1990) and Andrew Sanwell (MSc Computer Science 1989), in 2017 in Perth.

"Our volunteers host discussion groups, worldwide, online and in person, open to all ages and genders. It’s an empowering, grassroots movement: the hosts need facilitation skills, but they don’t need to know about menopause, since there are no experts and no agenda at a Menopause Café.” says Rachel.


Menopause Café (external link)