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Were you on the Physiology honours trip to Firbush in May 1996?

Former lecturer Iain Gow has rediscovered a cine camera film of the Physiology honours group trip to Firbush and would like to share it with the alumni featured.

Students kayaking at Firbush in May 1996.
Film still: Physiology honours trip to Firbush, May 1996.

Iain Gow was a lecturer in Physiology at the University in the mid-1990s. In May 1996 he loaned a cine camera to the Physiology honours year group to take on their trip to Firbush Outdoor Activity Centre.

23 years later, Iain has rediscovered the film and converted it to an MP4 file. He is now looking to share it with the former students who feature in the film alongside lecturers Mike Hunter and Professor Richard Ribchester.

The short film documents the group, clad in glorious 90s fashion, enjoying activities such as cycling, kayaking and playing basketball, among general shenanigans.

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If you were on the trip, please get in touch with Iain Gow via email.

We've sadly lost touch with some of the people we think are featured, so if you know any 1996 BSc (Hons) Physiology graduates, please forward this notice to them - thank you!

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