Alumni Services

Welcome Week volunteering opportunity for local postgraduate alumni

Thank you to everyone who has applied to give a talk at Welcome Week. Applications are now closed and we will get back to you shortly.

On Tuesday 10 September 2019, the University of Edinburgh will be inviting all new postgraduate (PG) students to attend a Welcome Talk and Services Fair in McEwan Hall.

As part of these welcome talks, we are looking for inspiring and energetic PG alumni to welcome, inform and reassure hundreds of new PG students by offering advice on how best to transition into a new place and a new way of study, and help the students to imagine their own successful student journeys.  

To participate in an event of this size and significance can be a memorable and career changing moment. It offers a chance to enhance your public speaking skills, while helping so many (potentially quite overwhelmed) new students and inspiring them to think beyond their first few weeks and see the full journey and what can happen afterwards.


If you would like to apply to present at a welcome talk, please email Beth Munro by Friday 28th June 2019 including:

  • A brief paragraph about what you would plan to speak about for 5 – 10 minutes. (Topics to consider are listed below.)
  • Which of the following presentation(s) you are willing to speak at on Tuesday 10 September:
    • Postgraduate Research Welcome (12.00 – 13.00) – 5 – 10 minutes, maximum x 2 alumni – potentially 500 students
    • Postgraduate Taught Welcome (14.00 – 15.00) – 5 – 10 minutes, maximum x 2 alumni – potentially 700 students
    • Postgraduate Taught Welcome – repeat event - (16.00 – 17.00) – 5 – 10 minutes, maximum x 2 alumni – potentially 700 students


All applications will be considered fairly and those chosen will represent different insights and experiences to ensure that we are representative of our diverse student body and can relate to the widest audience possible.  

If chosen to present, we would kindly ask you for the following in July:

  • An individual picture of you at graduation or as a student (does not need to be formal).
  • A separate meeting in August with Lesley Ross, Student Induction Manager, to discuss the event in more detail and to brief you on the presentation.
  • To sign a consent form, as the event is planned to be filmed and shared on the New Students website (

Topics to consider when thinking about your presentation

  • Details on the year started, year graduated, school, programme
  • Why did you chose to study at postgraduate level in the University of Edinburgh?
  • What do you do now and how did your PG studies help towards this career? Was it direct professional development or did you gain transferrable skills to get to where you are now?
  • What did you find most challenging as an academic transition and how did you transition successfully into new modes of study? Did you use any services? What helped you?
  • Do you have a funny/inspiring antedote about student life? Do you have any funny tips? Cultural nuggets of information?
  • If you had to chose something you wished you knew at the start – what was it? What would you tell new students at this stage? Again, can be funny!
  • How do you look after your wellbeing? (This is the most important topic to consider.) - Did you use any services? Did you speak to friends/family? Did you seek help at all? Would you be comfortable touching upon this to break any taboo about seeking out help where appropriate?
  • How would you inspire a new student at this stage? Why was doing a postgraduate programme at Edinburgh worth it? Did you change? Was it the best thing you have ever done? Would you recommend it to anyone?