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August 2021

A novel, children's poetry and historical biography make up this month's trio of alumni-authored books.


Author Alan Addison

English Literature


Finding Sophie

It would seem that it was inevitable that JP Associates took on the task of finding Sophie, especially given that Sophie’s mother Rebecca is JP’s main funder. The team had so far managed to put the search off, but now, having taken on the job, they would approach it in their own indubitable fashion. What they couldn’t know as they prepared to journey south, was that the search for Sophie would change them all, and not necessarily for the better.

Finding Sophie (Amazon)



Eleonore Blaurock-Busch

Degree Creative Writing

Silly Lilly

A poetry/picture book for children of all ages about the ups and downs of friendship with illustrations from Santa Fe artist Arlene LaDell Hayes whose work is featured in US museums and galleries, and poetry by Ellinor Blaurock-Busch.

Silly Lilly (publisher's site)



Iain Gordon Brown

Degree History

Frolics in the Face of Europe: Sir Walter Scott, Continental Travel and the Tradition of the Grand Tour

This book examines little-known and even less understood aspects of Walter Scott’s life and world. Scott wrote frequently of his desire to travel widely in Europe. He made, however, only three Continental ventures. Two were to Belgium and Paris.  Shortly before his death he journeyed to the Mediterranean, visiting Malta and spending four months in Naples and a few weeks in Rome. His time there caused him to reflect on the Scotland of his mind and heart. These trips are full of interest. But almost more so are the many other schemes Scott entertained for wider travelling: to Portugal and Spain, to Germany and Switzerland, and even – almost at the end – to Greece and the Aegean. In Frolics in the Face of Europe all are examined in the context of the historic tradition of the Grand Tour, and in that of the new kind of ‘romantic’ travel that, after 1815, came to replace it. Scott emerges as a man most at ease as a vicarious traveller, whose extensive reading, and knowledge of the experience of others, gave him such a wide familiarity with the world without even leaving his library at Abbotsford. Making many social, literary and artistic connections, and linking events, places and personalities – often in surprising ways – the book offers a fresh view of Scott for the 250th anniversary of his birth.

Frolics in the Face of Europe: Sir Walter Scott, Continental Travel and the Tradition of the Grand Tour

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