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October 2017

A dystopian novel, thought-provoking poetry, and a study of Hegel make up this month's alumni-penned offerings.



Tom Duke

Degree Mechanical Engineering

Ethereal Sky

Technology is great. Until it tries to kill you. Rose lives in a brutal world. Like the rest of The Clan, her life is a continuous battle for survival. Her primary concerns are gathering food and avoiding detection by the implacable death which stalks the countryside. The Old way of life is a distant memory. Andrew thinks that he has things to worry about, but he is about to learn that today’s concerns count for nothing in tomorrow’s world.

Ethereal Sky is a dark and compelling dystopian novel.. It explores how human nature, both the uplifting and the horrific, reveals itself under intolerable pressure.

Ethereal Sky


Author Aislinn Hunter
Degree Writing and Cultural Politics, PhD English Literature

Linger, Still

Aislinn Hunter writes of impossibilities that somehow function; of the tenuous interrelations that comprise our experience. Grounded by the questions "how to be good, how to be,"Hunter's field of inquiry ranges across domestic, ecological, literary and philosophical subjects. Her poems are exclamations of recognition in the midst of caginess. This collection reaches for, and grasps, "what lists under every pose: the hope / that someone will love us".

Linger, Still


Author Evangelia Sembou
Degree Social and Political Theory

The Young Hegel and Religion

This edited collection of essays aims to acquaint the reader with different aspects and readings of Hegel’s Early Theological Writings. These writings consist of five essays plus some unfinished manuscripts, unpublished by Hegel himself during his lifetime and compiled by Herman Nohl as Hegels Theologische Jugendschriften in 1907. This is the first such edited collection on these writings and will make an important contribution to Hegel scholarship.

The volume begins with an introduction on the intellectual background and an account of the Early Theological Writings. This is followed by a number of essays by both emerging and established scholars working in an international context. The essays offer a critical and/or interpretative approach to the aforesaid writings

The Young Hegel and Religion

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