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February 2019

Business, law, a wartime story and childhood inspiration combine to make this month's Alumni Bookshelf.


Author Neil Cameron
Degree DSc and PhD Quantitative Genetics, MSc Human Genetics, BSc Mathematics

Arduino Applied

Micro-controllers are incorporated in many aspects of everyday life ranging from a desktop weather station, to contact-less security cards and to GPS tracking in a mobile phone. Arduino Applied provides information on using the Arduino Uno micro-controller, which can be easily programmed, in a wide range of electronic applications. Projects include sensors to measure the environment, information displays, capturing digital images, route tracking with GPS, Bluetooth and wireless communication, RFID data logging and entry systems, controlling motors, measuring and creating colour and sound, building and controlling robots and accessing the internet. With Arduino Applied, prior knowledge of electronics is not required, as each topic is fully described and illustrated with examples accompanied by annotated code.

Arduino Applied



Mary Chamberlain

Degree Politics

The Hidden

Dora Simon and Joe O'Cleary live in separate countries, accepting of their twilight years. But their monochrome worlds are abruptly upended by the arrival of Barbara Hummel, who is determined to identify the mysterious woman whose photograph she has found among her mother's possessions.  Forced to confront a time they thought buried in the past, Dora and Joe's lives unravel - and entwine. For, trapped on the Channel Islands under the German occupation in the Second World War, Dora, a Jewish refugee, had concealed her identity; while Joe, a Catholic priest, kept quite another secret...  This is a story of love and betrayal, shame and survival. But can a speck of light diffuse the darkest shadows of war? 

The Hidden

Mary's Alumni Profile

Review in The Times 



Suwen Chen

Degree PhD Impact Investing

Invisible Hand with Visible Heart

This 200-page book focuses on specific stories and case studies chosen intentionally in order to strike a balance between quantitative data and a broader picture of the social enterprise ecosystem.

Invisible Hand with Visible Heart


Author Pavle Sabic
Degree Finance and Investment

Walter the Wanderer

Walter the Wanderer teaches us how to lead with love and celebrate the diversity of others. Join Walter as he travels the world inspiring compassion and friendship through the simple gift of a hug. We hope that the book will inspire reciprocity and kindness. The world needs the love.

Illustrated by Edinburgh alumna Via Tang.

Walter the Wanderer


Author William Twining
Degree LLD (Honorary)
Book Jurist in Context: A Memoir

This is the engaging and accessible intellectual memoir of a leading jurist. It tells the story of the development of his thoughts and writings over sixty years in the context of three continents and addresses the complexities of decolonisation, the troubles in Belfast, the contextual turn in legal studies, rethinking evidence and the implications of globalisation which have been central to his life and research. In propounding his original views as an enthusiastic self-styled 'legal nationalist', Twining maps his ideas of law as a unique discipline, which pervades all spheres of social and political life while combining theory and practice, concepts and values, facts and rules in uniquely fascinating ways. Addressed to academic lawyers generally and to other non-specialists, this story brings out the importance and fascinations of a discipline that has changed, expanded and diversified in the post-War years, with an eye to its future development and potential.

Jurist in Context: A Memoir

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