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January 2021

Writings on motherhood, Kenya and learning comprise 2021's first alumni bookshelf.



Cathy Bovill

Degree Nursing

Co-creating learning and teaching: towards relational pedagogy

This text combines research evidence, opportunities for critical reflection, and a strong argument for the benefits of relational approaches to teaching in higher education. Through highlighting the benefits of positive relationships between staff and students in the form of enhanced trust, respect, and community, the author argues that by co-creating learning and teaching together, students and staff can transform higher education learning and teaching experiences and outcomes.

Co-creating learning and teaching: towards relational pedagogy


Author Melissa Hogenboom



The Motherhood Complex

Long before we even contemplate becoming parents, biology and society are already pushing us to shape our identity as prospective parents, whether we go through with it or not. Why does motherhood bring such a dramatic shift that affects so many areas of our lives, from how our brain and body changes, to our relationships and our careers?

The Motherhood Complex is a scientific exploration of what it means to become a mother. BBC science journalist, Melissa Hogenboom examines the biological and psychological changes during pregnancy and motherhood, and how these changes influence a woman’s sense of self.

From exploring the way our brain changes during pregnancy, to the psychological impact of changing physicality, to the intrusion of technology on modern motherhood, Hogenboom reveals how external events and society at large influences mothers.

This is a different type of parenting book, rather than a book on ‘parenting’, it’s a book about the ‘parents’. Interweaving her personal experience as a working mother of two, Hogenboom finally brings the focus on what is so often ignored: the impact that motherhood has on one’s identity.

Due out in May 2021

The Motherhood Complex

Melissa's website



Anne Rapley (as Chryso Coutts)

Degree Social Science

Are You Married or Do You Live In Kenya

Set in 1970's Kenya at the end of the fabled Happy Valley era, the winds of change are blowing colonialism away, and the old settlers are dying out. Their world will never exist again. These tales are based on true stories of these eccentric people.

Are You Married or Do You Live In Kenya

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