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September 2020

A typically varied selection of novels and non-fiction make up this month's alumni-authored books.



Sinclair W. Bell

Degree PhD Classics

Roman Law Before the Twelve Tables

Bringing together a team of international experts from different subject areas – including law, history, archaeology and anthropology – this book re-evaluates the traditional narratives surrounding the origins of Roman law before the enactment of the Twelve Tables. Much is now known about the archaic period, relevant evidence from later periods continues to emerge and new methodologies bring the promise of interpretive inroads. This book explores whether, in light of recent developments in these fields, the earliest history of Roman law should be reconsidered.

Roman Law Before the Twelve Tables


Author Ed Church (pen name of Ed Rigby)

Scandinavian Studies and French


Probably Dead: A Detective Brook Deelman Mystery

‘Probably Dead’ is the second novel in a series featuring Botswana-born Met detective Brook Deelman. The books are linked by the common themes of corruption, ‘cold’ cases, and a dual timeline (with a dash of dark humour never too far away). This time round, Brook’s chance intervention during a robbery in South Africa brings a sudden end to his career break, setting him on the trail of a three-decade old mystery back in London. Ahead of Brook… “a missing person case from the last days of ‘old school’ policing – an age of bloody riots, swinging batons and undercover sources. Those wishing the truth to stay buried will use the full force of the law to keep it that way… Or even just plain force.”

Probably Dead: A Detective Brook Deelman Mystery

Ed Church's website



Paul E Eden

Degree Geology

The Official Illustrated History of Royal Air Force Search And Rescue

In February 2016 the RAF's Search and Rescue Force (SARF) celebrated its 75th anniversary. In June that year the world-renowned and universally admired service was officially disbanded, despite attempts from many, including HRH Prince William, to save it as part of the RAF. This book is an official, fully illustrated, in-depth account of the SARF's rich and glorious history, from its origins in World War II through to its recent withdrawal. The book contains a foreword by HRH Prince William himself, plus action-packed and awe-inspiring photographs from the RAF's archive of photographs and exclusive interviews with former crewmembers, telling their own dramatic stories of derring-do.

The Official Illustrated History of Royal Air Force Search And Rescue



Cathy Hutson

Degree Business Administration

Felix Unbound

Did you ever wonder what might happen if your cat turned human? When feisty Tiffany loses her temper with boyfriend Anthony, and accidentally topples a set of inherited Egyptian figurines, ancient forces take their mischievous revenge...and grant her careless wish that men were more like her tabby cat Felix.

It’s fun at first, as Tiffany and Felix gleefully launch him into her social circle, but it soon becomes clear that charismatic Felix spells trouble. As he wins lightning-fast success as a talented artist, Tiffany and her friends’ relationships begin to flex and recalibrate – not always for the better.

There’s something more afoot here; and Tiffany realises that whatever’s got into her cat and his art, has appeared before in her curious family.

Suspicious elders, Ozzy and Iris, circle as ‘Felix’ and his artworks peak and spiral into trouble. Tiffany meets a promising new love and, in this tightly-woven dark comedy of manners, develops a conscience about some - but not all - of Felix’s effects on her friends’ lives. Torn between helping fast-deteriorating Felix evade Ozzy and Iris’s sinister grasp, or just washing her hands of him, she finally chooses. But none see coming the bizarre opportunity seized by fading but predatory and cunning Felix.

Felix Unbound

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