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June 2017

This month's alumni-penned offerings include a look at the more gruesome side of American history, a wonderfully illustrated tale of a fat cat, and an intriguing murder mystery.



Kieron Connolly

Degree History

Bloody History of America

Is the story of the United States that of George Washington, John Adams and Barack Obama? Or of slave rebel Nat Turner, of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King? Or Sitting Bull and Al Capone? Or Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and OJ Simpson? Of course, it is the story of all these, of both civil war and world war, of gold rush and dust bowl, of the Pilgrim Fathers and religious cults, of prohibition and the Mafia, of the Salem Witch Trials and the McCarthy-era witch-hunts. From the Iroquois and early European settlers to the Revolutionary War and Civil War, from slavery to segregation, from the frontier to the Reservations, Bloody History of America is a chronological examination of the United States through politics, labour, big business, crime and culture.

Featuring such varied characters as Thomas Jefferson and John Brown, Bugsy Siegel and J P Morgan, Calamity Jane, Chuck Berry, and Bonnie and Clyde, it tells the story of the first new nation, the first major colony to revolt successfully against colonial rule, and how it became the world's most powerful country. Extensively researched and illustrated with 180 colour and black and white artworks and illustrations, Bloody History of America is a lively and fascinating account of the darker side of the story of the United States.

Bloody History of America


Author Julia Patton
Degree Illustration

Drat That Fat Cat!

Cornelius prefers life on the quiet side. He’s orderly and neat and doesn’t have time for any ruckus. But his meticulous life spins into utter chaos when a suspicious package appears on his doorstop and out pops a wild and crazy fat cat. This fat cat is stinky, mischievous, messy, and loud. With every new and not-so-fun adventure, Cornelius’s patience frays. Will that fat cat have enough convincing power to win over the heart of Cornelius, or will he need to look elsewhere for a forever home?

Written and illustrated by Julia.

Drat the Fat Cat!



Ian Simpson

Degree Law

Murder in the Fourth Round

Tony Spencer is murdered as the 1984 Open Championship reaches its climax. Forward to St Andrews in 2015 and the man convicted is released on compassionate grounds and a political activist is killed. Detective Inspector Flick Fortune’s investigation focuses on a group of solicitors calling themselves ‘The Jolly Boys’ and Spencer’s murder 31 years earlier. Detective Sergeant Bagawath Chandavarkar helps her to reveal long-buried crimes as events move to an unpredictable conclusion.

Murder in the Fourth Round

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