Prize winners

Awards presented to members of staff and associates of the University of Edinburgh.

Nobel Prizes

Nobel prize winner, Peter Higgs
Among its distinguished alumni and associates, the University has links with many Nobel Prize winners.

James Tait Black Prizes

Student panellist surrounded by contenders for the James Tait Black Prize
Britain's oldest literary awards, presented annually to the authors of a work of fiction, biography and dramatic play.

Tam Dalyell Prize for Excellence in Engaging the Public with Science

The annual Tam Dalyell Prize rewards an individual or group for work with a focus on science communication.

Alumnus of the Year

Alumnus of the Year is awarded to a former student for services to the community, achievements in arts or sciences, in business, public or academic life.

Chancellor's Awards

Chancellor's Awards recognise innovation, relevance, creativity, personal dedication and impact in teaching and research.

Principal's Medals

Principal's Medals recognise staff or students who have made a significant contribution to the University, and those who have made an impact in the wider community outside the University.