James Lorimer

Jurist, philosopher, Regius Professor of Public Law, alumnus.

Lorimer plaque


James Lorimer was born in 1818 in Aberdalgie, near Perth.

He was admitted to the Faculty of Advocates in 1856, and was appointed Regius Chair of the Law of Nature and Nations at the University of Edinburgh in 1862.

An expert in international law, he was mainly concerned with natural law and its application in international relations.

He was the father of Sir Robert Lorimer (architect) and John Henry Lorimer (painter).

James Lorimer died in 1890.

The plaque

Lorimer's plaque is located at the entrance of the Law faculty on the northern side of Old College Quad.


In honour of James Lorimer


Jurist, philosopher, Regius Professor of Public Law (1862-1890), alumnus of the University