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Revolutionising maternal health monitoring in low-resource settings

Collaborative working with research and industry to produce AI-driven maternal health monitoring for low-resource regions.

Staff from Usher Institute and Institute for Regeneration and Repair are joining forces with Sibel Health, a leading health technology company, to develop a ground-breaking maternal monitoring solution for low-and-middle income countries (LMICs).

Sibel Health is positioned to develop new purpose-built products in partnership with the University of Edinburgh and the NIHR Global Surgery Unit. Funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the initiative aims to deploy Sibel Health’s FDA-cleared ANNE® One monitoring solution, powered by AI-enabled wearable sensors, to enhance maternal health monitoring globally and reduce obstetrical morbidity and mortality rates.

Ewen Harrison, Head of Centre for Medical Informatics at the Usher Institute, highlights the significance of this collaboration and Rosie Townsend emphasises the urgent need for vital signs monitoring in low-resource maternal health settings, seeing this partnership as a potential life-saving solution.

As experts in implementing complex interventions and conducting large-scale clinical trials, we look forward to working with Sibel Health in this critical effort.

Ewen HarrisonProfessor of Surgery and Data Science, Head of Centre for Medical Informatics, Usher Institute

The need for vital signs monitoring is clear in maternal health for low resource settings, this is an opportunity to deliver a potentially life-saving solution.

Rosie TownsendSenior Clinical Research Fellow and Consultant Obstetrician, Centre for Reproductive Health, Institute for Regeneration and Repair

The grant from the Gates Foundation will help to expand this initiative’s reach, particularly in India, Pakistan, and Nigeria, where The University of Edinburgh’s Global Surgery Unit holds expertise in deploying such advanced healthcare solutions.

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