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Professor Linda Bauld key speaker at Edinburgh Science Festival's annual church service

Linda Bauld headlines Edinburgh Science Festival's church service, exploring science's role in shaping a sustainable, equitable future.

Linda Bauld, Bruce and John Usher Professor of Public Health | Co-Head of Centre for Population Health Sciences

Professor Linda Bauld, Usher Institute’s Bruce and John Usher Chair in Public Health, has been announced as the featured speaker for this year's Edinburgh Science Festival annual church service.

The service, a highlight of the festival's diverse programme, will take place as part of the world's largest celebration of science, running from 30 March to April 14. This year, the festival’s theme is "Shaping the Future," exploring cutting-edge science that offers solutions for a sustainable, accessible and equitable future.

The annual church service, hosted by the Lord Provost of Edinburgh and the Minister of St Giles' Cathedral, serves as a platform to celebrate the intersection of science and spirituality, inviting attendees to reflect on the profound impact of scientific advancements on society. Linda’s insights are expected to provide a thought-provoking perspective on the role of science in shaping a better future for individuals, communities, and the planet.

As the Edinburgh Science Festival continues to offer an array of events, workshops, shows, and talks for all ages, this year's service underscores the festival's commitment to making science accessible and engaging for everyone.

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