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News 2024

A selection of news from the Usher Institute in 2024.

New Deputy Director, Professor Miguel O. Bernabeu

Photograph of Professors Miguel O. Bernabeu and Jackie Price
Miguel O. Bernabeu, Professor of Computational Medicine, to become the new Deputy Director of the Usher Institute.

England’s oldest became frailer during austerity

Walking frame in corridor of nursing home with windows on left hand side and a closed door at the end of the corridor
The speed at which England’s oldest adults became frailer accelerated during the UK Government’s era of austerity politics, according to a new study.

Virus ancestry could help predict next pandemic

Graphic of world map displaying pandemic outbreak hot spots in red
Virus family history could help scientists identify which strains have potential to become the so-called Disease X that causes the next global pandemic.

Pioneering hope for malignant glioma, a deadly brain cancer

Photo of brain by Milad Fakurian on Unsplash
Usher Institute leads on implementation of science and cost assessment of new GLIOMATCH platform.

E-cigarettes help pregnant smokers quit without risks to pregnancy

A woman refilling an e-cigarette or vape
New analysis of data shows pregnant smokers using nicotine replacement products face no adverse outcomes.

All-UK study reveals impact of missed Covid vaccines

A young black woman wearing a protective face mask sits in a clinic as her male doctor of Asian descent prepares her vaccine
The first research study of the entire UK population of 67 million people has highlighted gaps in Covid-19 vaccine coverage.

Treatment boost needed to shift NHS Covid backlog

Three surgeons in operating theatre with table of instruments
The NHS needs 10% monthly increase in non-emergency treatments to tackle pandemic-induced backlog, reveals analysis.