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Congratulations Professors!

Congratulations to new Professors Miguel Bernabeu, Jonine Figueroa and Sarah Stock

Miguel Bernabeu, Jonine Figueroa and Sarah Stock
L-R: Professors Miguel Bernabeu, Jonine Figueroa and Sarah Stock

We are delighted that Miguel Bernabeu, Jonine Figueroa and Sarah Stock have recently been promoted to become Professors.

Miguel Bernabeu - Professor of Computational Medicine

Miguel is a computer scientist by training. His research is on vascular structure and function. His approach is theoretical through mathematical modelling and machine learning and he works closely with clinicians and vascular/cancer biologists. His research interests concern: a) the development of automated methods for eye and systemic disease diagnosis in retinal scans, b) the study of the tumour microvascular environment and its impact on treatment, c) the mechanistic investigation of vascular remodelling during angiogenesis.

Miguel is Deputy Director, and Director of Research at the Bayes Centre, in addition to his role at the Usher Institute.

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Full details of Miguel's research projects and outputs

Jonine Figueroa - Professor of Molecular Epidemiology and Global Cancer Prevention

As a cancer epidemiologist with over 15 years’ experience, Jonine has led and currently lead large-scale international field studies, including in Africa, Europe, the US and international consortia. A key area of research is the incorporation of innovative technologies to epidemiology studies to provide new insights on cancer risk factors, early detection, treatment and prognosis.

Jonine has a joint appointment with the Usher Isnstitute and the Institute of Genetics and Cancer, Cancer Research (CR) UK Edinburgh Centre.

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Full details of Jonine's research projects and outputs

Sarah Stock - Professor of Maternal and Fetal Health

Sarah's research focuses on the pregnancy complications preterm birth and stillbirth. Each year more than 15 million babies are born preterm, and 2.5 million are stillborn. Sarah's aim is to develop better ways of predicting and diagnosing pregnancy complications enabling safe, personalised care for mothers and babies.

Sarah is a Consultant Obstetrician and Subspecialist in Maternal and Fetal Medicine at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, and is currecntly Program Director In Utero, Wellcome Leap.

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Matthew Reed - Honorary Chair

We are also delighted that Matthew Reed, a member of the Acute Care Edinburgh Group at the Usher Institute, has become an Honorary Professor.

More about Matthew on the Acute Care Edinburgh website


Congratulations to all staff across the Usher Institute who have recently been promoted or regraded.