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MSc Epidemiology nominations for the 2022 student-led Teaching Awards

In 2021, the MSc Epidemiology programme was successfully launched. It has been an outstanding achievement for the meaningful connections the team have already made with their students, and this has been further evidenced by the nomination they received in the 2022 student-led Teaching Awards, in the “Outstanding Innovation in Digital Teaching” category.

In 2021, our MSc Epidemiology programme was successfully launched and has been expertly delivered by Caroline Jackson (Director), Niall Anderson (Deputy Director) and Suzanne Newall (Administrator).

Given the newness of the programme, it has been a particularly outstanding achievement for the meaningful connections they have already made with their students, and this has been further evidenced by the nomination they received in the 2022 student-led Teaching Awards, in the “Outstanding Innovation in Digital Teaching” category. 

The student who nominated the team wrote: 

As you may know, Suzanne, Caroline and Niall is the skeleton of the first year, and also the foundation of the Master of Science in Epidemiology Online course. With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, this is of crucial importance for students who cannot travel abroad, especially health practicians who are playing an extremely important role in the fight against the pandemic within their own country.  Since the start of the course, the team has been extremely helpful, actively answer any request within the shortest amount of time through all platforms. This helps a lot, especially when students are all around the world, staying in different time zones but still being able to know that there are always someone there, assist them in any way possible.  The meetings with student representatives are also much respected, and they really take into account, although any small details, to make sure that any newer version of the already organized course, or the new courses, would be better and better, suiting everyone's needs instead of just going with the way that they think it would be useful.  The active use of blackboard, the LEARN system and the organization of online office hours even make our learning experience much more wonderful. We do not feel that we are studying online with only our own self staying in front of the computer. We feel more connected towards our peers, having more incentives to participate, to involve and to learn.  We have also created Whatsapp groups, where we can actively message without having any concerns to log into LEARN or writing emails, which may take days to get responses from everyone.  Long story short, this course, although being an online course, is among the best possible course that anyone can imagine of when they think of an online, digital course delivered at a top worldwide university. COVID-19 may limit everyone's chance of getting involved physically, but digital programmes have their own advantages that offline courses cannot compare. I really want to use this, as a chance, to say a thank you to the whole team for the wonderful effort that they have put in.”

On an individual level, Niall also received a "Supervisor of the Year" nomination and has been shortlisted for the "Teacher of the Year" (College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine) award. We're very pleased he's been able to be recognised in this way.

The student who nominated him wrote:

Dr. Anderson is an extremely hardworking academic, who genuinely cared about every aspect of students’ performance and well-being. I experienced this first-hand because I picked all of his courses in the upcoming teaching blocks after the first course with him. I was really happy with my decision because he was very present as a tutor and we could always count on him. He was really thorough in teaching us the content, and the courses were extremely organised. Even during Q&A sessions, he would wait with us until every student’s questions were answered, and it always made me feel reassured as a student knowing that he would always be around to help students out whenever we needed it. I also experienced health difficulties during the MPH, and he was extremely kind and helpful during such a precarious time in my life, and I know that it was his unwavering support that led me to successfully complete my programme because I was lucky enough to have him as my dissertation supervisor as well. He really deserves these awards.

More information on the MSc Epidemiology programme.

The Teaching Awards are facilitated by EUSA (Edinburgh University Students’ Association) who provide an opportunity for students to express their gratitude to the staff who have taught and supported them during their time at The University of Edinburgh. 

Winners of the Teaching Award are selected by EUSA’s student panel, who will meet at the end of April for discussions, once nominations have closed. The winners of this year’s Teaching Awards will be announced in an online award ceremony on 25 May 2022.