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News 2022

A selection of news from the Usher Institute in 2022.

Usher Institute REF 2021 impact case studies

mother and baby
A summary of our key impact case studies from the Usher Insitute as submitted to REF 2021

Professors Bruce Guthrie and Cathie Sudlow - Fellows of Academy of Medical Sciences

Professors Cathie Sudlow and Bruce Guthrie headshots
Professors Cathie Sudlow and Bruce Guthrie becomes Fellows of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

Most care homes in SE Scotland still use paper-based management systems

Two older women in conversation, linking arms
Researchers call for digital route map to prevent sector being left behind

New tech spin-out to boost drug discovery with streamlined analysis of genomic data

DNA double helix
Omecu Ltd was developed following an MRC Confidence in Concept project, part-funded by the Usher Institute Health and Social Care Data-Driven Innovation Hub.

Collaboration with Public Health Scotland brings awards

The EAVE II team, led by Professor Aziz Sheikh, Usher Institute Director, is a close collaboration with Public Health Scotland - publishing important contributions to help our understanding of COVID-19.

Professors Gillian Mead and John Norrie - Fellows of Royal Society of Edinburgh

image of Gillian Mead and John Norrie
Professors Gillian Mead and John Norrie from the Usher Institute become Fellows of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

A new model of pathogen transmission in developing urban landscapes

an infographic showing pathogen transmission
A new study sheds light on how structures within developing cities can be exploited by new diseases

Lockdown boost for kids’ vaccination rates in Scotland

Infographic summarising key findings that preschool immunisation uptake was improved during the pandemic
Childhood vaccination rates significantly increased in Scotland during the first lockdown compared with the year before the pandemic, according to new research.

Two studies independently find only small increased risk of blots clots in the veins of the brain following COVID-19 vaccination

Infogrphic showing very small increase in risk of blood clots in veins of brain following Oxford-AZ COVID-19 vaccination
Two large studies carried out independently in the UK both found a slight increase in risk of intracranial thromboses in some populations after the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

Dr Ahmar Shah - Director of Innovation

Head shots of Drs Kathrin Cresswell and Ahmar Shah
Dr Ahmar Shah succeeds Dr Kathrin Cresswell as the Director of Innovation for the Usher Institute.

Usher Masters Alumni network

New network for alumni of the Usher Institute launched

Proteins could be key to long and healthy life

image of blood
Two blood proteins have been shown by scientists to influence how long and healthy a life we live, research suggests.

Covid-19 linked to complications during pregnancy

small detail image of larger infographic
Women who have Covid-19 towards the end of their pregnancy are vulnerable to birth-related complications. They are more likely to have complications than those who get Covid-19 in the earlier stages of pregnancy or who haven’t had Covid-19 at all.