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Personal insights from Centre members and guests

Patient perspectives in asthma | Amanda Keighley

Amanda Keighley Blog: Patient Perspectives in Asthma
Amanda, our Patient and Public Involvement Lead reflects on co-writing an article with other Centre members

Face-to-face Postgraduate Training meeting | Andreas Perikleous

Andreas Perikleous blog: The benefits of face-to-face postgraduate training meetings
Andreas Perkileous shares the benefits of attending the Centre’s face-to-face postgraduate training meetings

The Journey From Student to Doctor: a Patient and Public Involvement member's perspective

Noelle Morgan: Patient and Public Involvement Perspective: the journey from student to doctor
Noelle Morgan, Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) member of the Centre, describes the touchpoints along a PhD student’s journey

Academic Writing: key skills in the life of a PhD student | Arif Budiarto

Academic writing: key skills in the life of a PhD student | Arif Budiarto
Arif Budiarto’s experience of attending a writing retreat for PhD students in the Centre

Two years as a Volunteer Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Patient Lead | Bill Day

Bill Day reflects on 2 years as Patient and Public Involvement Lead at the Centre
Bill Day discusses his two years as Volunteer PPI Patient Lead for the Centre

Patient and Public Involvement Member Insights into living with Asthma

the word asthma
Two Patient and Public Involvement members discuss their experiences of living with asthma

Resilience through lockdown - student experiences

4 students at the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research discuss their experience of studying through the pandemic
Some of our students spoke to us about their experience of working through a PhD during the COVID-19 pandemic

Meeting my fellow students in-person for the first time | Jasmine Hine

"Meeting my fellow students for the first time" | Jasmine Hine
Jasmine Hine, PhD student and student rep, writes about meeting her fellow students in person for the first time

Completing my PhD during a global pandemic | Adam Peel

Adam Peel Completing my PhD during a global pandemic
After recently completing his studies at the Centre, Adam Peel blogs about his PhD experience and defending his viva during the COVID-19 era

BLOG SERIES - A lifelong journey with asthma | Dr Katherine Hickman

Katherine Hickman and the Illustration from asthma outcomes webinar
Dr Katherine Hickman is a GP, Vice-Chair of the Primary Care Respiratory Society, and Primary Care Lead for the National Asthma and COPD programme. In this final blog in the series she offers a thoughtful insight into the lifelong journey of living with asthma