During 2014/15 the University continued to replace combustion engine vehicles with electric and hybrid vehicles to reduce carbon and particulate emissions.

12021 tonnes of C02e equivalent: Air 94.1% {long haul 59.4%, short haul 20.1%, domestic 12.6%, other 7.9%}, Road 3.8%, Rail 2.1%, Ferry 0%
2014/15 University business travel carbon emissions


Image of cyclists.
The University is a partner in Edinburgh's first electric bike hire scheme, which was officially launched by Aliston Johnstone MSP, Sarah Boyack MSP and Jim Eadie MSP. Photo by Sarah Ford-Hutchinson

The University now has seven small electric vans and five petrol hybrid vehicles. To support the wider use of electric vehicles, the university has installed charging stations, where staff and visitors can charge their personal electric vehicles free of charge.

The University is a partner in Edinburgh’s first electric bike sharing scheme, eCycle, with eight bikes available for use by staff. In partnership with EUSA, the student bike hire scheme Unicyles provides fifty hire bikes for students.

An Integrated Transport Strategy 2015-20 is in development, which will facilitate sustainable and active travel between the different parts of the University’s dispersed estate and promote more sustainable modes of business travel.

The next student and staff travel survey will be carried out in March 2016, and will provide information on travel behaviours which will inform the preparation of new travel plans for each of the University sites.


NB: Carbon emissions data taken from our 2013/14 report.





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