Resource efficiency

In 2014/15, the University demonstrated its progress in delivering the Recycling and Waste Management Policy, by reducing the weight of waste being sent to landfill by 47 per cent and significantly improving its recycling rate.

Image of sorting facility
The University's waste is sorted at a facility just outside Edinburgh. Photo by Joseph Farthing.

The efforts to increase the amount of waste reused has led to the establishment of partnerships with charities and local organisations such as the British Heart Foundation, Bright Green and Remade in Edinburgh. Over 100 tonnes of items were donated to charities, contributing towards an increase of 140 per cent in the amount of waste reused than in the previous year.

Efforts to understand and identify opportunities to implement a circular economy approach at the University have been undertaken this last year in partnership with the Business School and the School of Geosciences with support from Zero Waste Scotland.

Food waste bins have been introduced in University catering outlets and glass waste caddies rolled out across all staff tea preparation areas. Continuing to move our waste output up the hierarchy, revising key policies and engaging with the University community are our priorities for the  next year.




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