Estates development

The University is working to transform the estate with the aim to provide innovative, safe and sustainable spaces to support world-class learning and teaching, and research.

Visualisation of McEwan hall redevelopment

Over the next few years, the University has an extensive programme of new buildings and estate improvements planned.

This includes the redevelopment of the Darwin Building with the aim of creating a world-leading centre for biological sciences, and redeveloping the University Graduation Hall, McEwan Hall.

The Estates strategy has a strong sustainability element, with objectives to

  • Achieve BREEAM rating of 'excellent' for new buildings and 'very good' for refurbishments
  • Achieve energy performance 30% better than current building standards
  • Halve amount of construction, demolition and excavation waste sent to landfill
  • Use a minimum of 20% by value, of recycled material in construction


McEwen Hall

The University is investing in McEwan Hall to repair the building fabric, upgrade service installations and resolve accessibility issues. The project will create additional public and support spaces, to enable the building to deliver its core functions more effectively and to allow it to be used more frequently.