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The UCAS Personal Statement

Your Personal Statement is your opportunity to convince Admissions Officers of your suitability for and commitment to the degree programme you have applied to.

What is the Personal Statement for?

It is important to recognise that, when you apply to Edinburgh, you will be competing for a place with many very well-qualified applicants. Your personal statement is your opportunity to make your application stand out.

While good qualifications are essential they are not enough on their own. Admissions Officers will want to be confident that students have the necessary skills and attributes for the degree programme.

What should the Personal Statement include?

In your Personal Statement you should ideally:

  • Explain why you want to study the subject courses you have applied for
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of the subject/degree
    • What knowledge of the subject can you demonstrate?
  • Provide evidence that you understand the career implications of your choice
  • Detail any relevant skills or experience
  • Outline any relevant personal qualities, interests and skills and indicate how these have been developed

Depending on the degree programme you are applying for, admissions staff will be looking for different things from your Personal Statement.

More details on what sort of skills, experience or attributes are required can be found in the UCAS Entry Profiles.

UCAS Entry Profiles

Further guidance on Personal Statements is available from UCAS.

UCAS guidance on Personal Statements

More advice on applying through UCAS

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