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Online information sessions

We offer online sessions three times a week for prospective students who want to ask questions or learn more about study opportunities. There are also one to one sessions, offer holder sessions and fair sessions.

Covid-19 pandemic: Online information sessions 

Our online information sessions can be accessed from anywhere in the world, whether you're thinking about Postgraduate or Undergraduate study. This is your opportunity to ask questions about your programme and keep up to date with developments during the Covid-19 emergency. 

Undergraduate study: Online information sessions Postgraduate study: Online information sessions


Information sessions

How does it work?

Each session will involve a live presentation by one of our members of staff.

The presentation will be followed by an opportunity for you to get quick answers to your questions.

You can also discuss your interests with a member of staff in more detail.

Presentation times

Sessions run:

Monday: 19:00 UK time

Tuesday: 14:00 UK time

Wednesday: 12:00 UK time

Thursday: 17:00 UK time

Friday: 08:00 UK time

You can select a time and day that suits you when you register.

The sessions have been timed to provide an opportunity for students in all timezones to join us.

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Offer holder sessions

If you are an offer holder you can find a list of specialised sessions below

Dates  Country/region Staff Member Booking Link
2 July China Alumni Panel: Meet Our Alumni from Moray House Esther Sum Invites via email
8 July South Asia:  South Asia Student Panel 2020 – Take Two (17:30-19:30hrs IST)   Harish Lokhun Details to follow soon

Virtual Fairs

Dates  Country/region Staff Member Booking Link
14 July Brunei, Findlay Virtual Study Fair Louise Zeelenberg More information
18 July The Chopras GEI Virtual Fair (New Delhi, NCR and Dehradun – 12pm-5pm IST) Harish Lokhun Book a session
24 July The Chopras GEI Virtual Fair  (Jaipur, Lucknow, Kolkata, Chandigarh and Ludhiana – 3pm-7pm IST) Harish Lokhun Book a session
27 July The Chopras GEI Virtual Virtual Fair (Hyderabad, Mangalore, Vijaywada, Cochin and Trivandrum-3pm-7pm IST) Harish Lokhun Book a session
14 August Malaysia, Mabecs Virtual Fair Louise Zeelenberg, Audrey Kon, Josie Pilcher More information