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Pre-arrival and Induction

Our Pre-Arrival and Induction team leads on and coordinates central pre-arrival and induction activity across the University to aid the successful transition into University for all new students (on-campus and online learners).

The Pre-Arrival and Induction (PAI) Team maintains and enhances the University’s core collective pre-arrival resources and communications, such as the New Student Website, Getting Started Guides and UoE Events App, and leads the coordination of consistent messaging across the University to ensure that all new students feel welcomed, informed and reassured before they start and when they arrive to begin their studies.

Working with over 700 colleagues across all areas of the University and Students’ Association, we also plan, coordinate and facilitate "Welcome Week" each September and January and deliver key large induction events such as Taste of Scotland, the Principal's Welcome Ceremony, Course Options Fairand Postgraduate Welcome events. 

We offer consistent support for all areas delivering induction, including expert guidance and advice on updated and relevant induction processes for all University colleagues through the ‘Gearing Up for Welcome Week’ programme of events, the PAI SharePoint (collection of helpful resources for colleagues) and through meetings with schools and programme organisers, the Induction Coordination Group and regular catch up meetings with key induction providers across the University. 

Additionally, we ensure that the information and support needs of new students are effectively addressed within existing and emerging University initiatives, such as the Student Mental Health Strategy and the Student Recruitment Strategy.

The PAI SharePoint 

The team members are: 

Rav Panesar

Student Induction Manager

  • Student Recruitment and Admissions

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Lizzie Dunn

Student Induction Officer

  • Student Recruitment and Admissions

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Ani Beaton


  • Student Recruitment and Admissions

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