Student Recruitment & Admissions

At a glance

This shows the organisational structure of Student Recruitment and Admissions.

Rebecca Gaukroger
Deputy Directors
Laura Cattell
Clare Mackay
Senior Administrator - Gayle Habbershaw
Student Ambassador Manager - Liz Dobson-McKittrick
Communications Officer - Shawn Coulman
Undergraduate Recruitment 
The Undergraduate Recruitment Team provide a professional information and advice service to prospective UK and EU applicants, and their advisers, to enable them to make informed choices about the University of Edinburgh and higher education in general. The team also work with colleagues across the University to coordinate and support recruitment activity.
Head of Undergraduate Recruitment - Claire Forsman
Undergraduate Recruitment Manager - Rachael Smithson
Undergraduate Recruitment Manager - Keir Robinson
Student Recruitment Officer - Andrew Burnie
Student Recruitment Officer - Catriona Henderson
Student Recruitment Officer - Keith Barbour
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Postgraduate Recruitment
The Postgraduate Recruitment Team helps prospective students to make informed choices about taught and research-based study opportunities, and supports good practice in postgraduate recruitment across the University.
Head of Postgraduate Recruitment - Jane Johnston
Postgraduate Recruitment Manager (EU) - Doug Thompson
Postgraduate Recruitment Manager (EU) - Kristin Sargeant
Postgraduate Recruitment Manager - Ewan Fairweather
PG Administrative Assistant - Beth Colston
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Widening Participation
Widening Participation (WP) is at the heart of our agenda. The WP team are committed to educational opportunity, increasing diversity and raising aspirations through a range of evidence led outreach for prospective and current students.
Head of Widening Participation - Laura Cattell
Widening Participation Manager - Dr Neil Speirs
Widening Participation Manager  - Lesley Stokes
Widening Participation Manager  - Melanie Smith
Widening Participation Manager - Zaki El-Salahi
Widening Participation Officer (ACES) - Jess Hume
Widening Participation Officer (Access to the Professions) - Ryan Hamilton
Widening Participation Officer - Emma Paterson
Widening Participation Officer (Schools Partnerships) - Matt Lucas
Data & Monitoring Officer - Jefferson Shirley
WP Events Officer - Susan Forrest
Widening Participation Officer - Gabriele Negro
Administrator - Katarzyna Bryk
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Our Admissions Team aims to develop and maintain a fair, transparent and consistent approach to admissions at the University to support the recruitment of a high quality, diverse student intake to target.
Head of Admissions - Gillian Simmons
Admissions Operations Manager - Ailsa Vamplew
Admissions Operations Manager - Gemma Docherty
Admissions Support Officer - Chris Sim
Admissions team page
Pre-arrival & Induction Team
The Pre-arrival and Induction Team work to coordinate, enhance and deliver pre-arrival and welcome resources and activities for new students.
Head of Strategic Partnerships & Transitions - Katrina Castle
Student Induction Manager - Lesley Ross
Student Induction Officer - Rav Panesar
Pre-arrival & Induction team page