Student Recruitment & Admissions

Postgraduate Recruitment

Our Postgraduate Recruitment team co-ordinates University-wide recruitment activity and engages with prospective PGT and PGR students across the UK and EU.

The Postgraduate team leads on and co-ordinates the recruitment of PG students from the UK and EU, works to enhance the PG applicant experience, and supports progression of our own students into postgraduate study, working in partnership with colleagues in Schools, Colleges and central services.

We do this through:

  • Running recruitment events - on-campus, off-campus and online, including PG Open Day and an ever increasing range of online events
  • overseeing PG applicant and pre-applicant communications
  • gathering and sharing insight into UK and EU recruitment markets, including qualifications guidance, market opportunities and demand, and competitor activity
  • undertaking research to understand the wider recruitment environment and sector developments (e.g. funding, PG WP, Online learning trends), and feeding into the implementation of the University’s Student Recruitment Strategy
  • supporting the sharing of best practice through training and networking events and contributing to external networks and fora

The team consists of:

Jane Johnston

Head of Postgraduate Recruitment

  • Student Recruitment and Admissions

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Kristin Sargeant

Postgraduate Recruitment Manager (EU)

  • Student Recruitment & Admissions

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Student Recruitment & Admissions
33 Buccleuch Place

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  • Tuesday-Friday: 07:30-16:30

Ewan Fairweather

Postgraduate Recruitment Manager

  • Student Recruitment and Admissions

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Beth Colston

Postgraduate Recruitment Administrator

  • Student Recruitment and Admissions

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