Student Immigration Service

Need more time to finish or extend your studies

If you are a current student and need more time to finish or extend your studies, then contact us for advice on what to do about your visa.

Changes to your circumstances 

If you need more time to finish your studies, then we can provide visa advice if any of the following circumstances apply, namely you: 

  • want to progress to a new programme at a higher level

  • want to change your programme (for example, from a BEng degree to an MEng degree) 

  • want to defer your studies (you want to delay the start date of your programme)

  • need to repeat or resit modules, courses or exams

  • want to study abroad

  • want to do a work placement (as part of your studies)

  • are returning to study after a break 

If any of these circumstances describe you, then contact us with more details to discuss a visa application or request a CAS. 

Please click "Send us an enquiry" to open the enquiry form.  

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