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Register with Police Scotland

Nationals of some countries, who are coming to the UK for more than 6 months, are required to register with the police when they arrive in the UK. 

Who needs to register with the police

You will normally be notified of the need to register with the police in the UKVI decision letter you received with your visa or by email.  

UKVI list of the nationalities required to register with the police 


When to register

It is very important that you register with the police or update your details within 7 days, if it is a condition of your visa to register with the police.  

The start of term places high demand on the University and police staff as thousands of students arrive in Edinburgh for the first time. The local police understand the pressures new students are under and adopt a flexible approach to the 7-day registration deadline. As long as you book an appointment as soon as you can and then attend it with the documents required, there will be no problems and you will have complied with the legislation. 

If you do not register or report changes in time, this could result in a fine, have an impact on your visa or affect future visa applications. 


Your initial police registration

If you are living in Edinburgh, you need to make an appointment to attend the Overseas Visitors Registration Office (OVRO) based at:  

Police Scotland 

Fettes Avenue 


EH4 1RB 

If you are living outside Edinburgh, check the Police Scotland website for the police station(s) in your area dealing with registrations. 

Police Scotland information for overseas visitor registrations 


Find out more

Police Scotland information for overseas visitor registrations


Notify the police of changes to your details

How you can report changes to your details 

Once you are registered, it is important that you inform the police within 7 days if:  

  • your address changes 

  • you receive a new visa or get a new passport 

  • you change your programme of studies 

You can do this at any local police station open to the public. You only need a pre-arranged appointment for the Fettes OVRO

Find out more 

Police Scotland information for overseas visitor registrations 


Leaving the UK

If you are leaving the UK for a short holiday, you should keep your police registration certificate with you. 

If you leave the UK and do not plan to return, you need to return your police registration certificate to your local police station, explaining that you are leaving the UK and giving the date of your departure and copies of flight details.