Student Immigration Service

While you are here

Helpful guidance on things to bear in mind while you are here, such as your rights and responsibilities with regards to your visa, what to do if your studies change, and what to do if your passport or visa is lost or stolen.

Lost or stolen passport and visa

What to do if your passport and/or visa is lost or stolen.

Police registration

Nationals of certain countries who come to live in the UK for more than six months need to register with the police.

Changes to your studies

Certain changes to your studies, such as changes to the length or level of your programme, resits and repeats, and breaks from study can affect your Tier 4/Student visa. 

Travelling Europe while studying - Schengen visas

If you want to travel to continental Europe during your studies, you may need to apply for a Schengen visa.

Rights, responsibilities and restrictions

Your Tier 4/Student visa imposes a number of rights, responsibilities and restrictions on you and on the University, as your sponsor.