Student Immigration Service

Standard Visitor visa

If you study in the UK for up to 6 months and your period of study doesn’t include a work placement, you should come to the UK as a Standard Visitor. You may need to apply for a visa from outside the UK depending on your nationality.

Current UKVI processing times

Standard Visitor visa applications are currently taking an average of 6 weeks to process. The 6-week processing time is a global average, timescales may vary from region to region. You can find up-to-date processing times for visa applications on the UK Government website. 

Visa decision waiting times


Who needs to apply for a Standard Visitor visa

Your nationality will determine whether you need to apply for a Standard Visitor visa, Electronic Visa Waiver or if you can travel directly to the UK without a visa.

Applying for a Standard Visitor visa or Electronic Visa Waiver

Find out what you need to do to get a Standard Visitor visa or Electronic Visa Waiver.

Permitted activities and restrictions

What you can and cannot do while on a Standard Visitor visa.

Healthcare and insurance on a Standard Visitor visa

All students on a full-time course in Scotland are eligible for National Health Service (NHS) treatment, but you may have to pay for more specialised services.