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Applying for a Standard Visitor visa

Find out what you need to do to apply for Standard Visitor visa permission. We also include guidance about the new Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) that will apply to certain Non-Visa Nationals.

Documents you need to prepare

You will need: 

  • your passport 

You will also need documentation showing: 

  • the purpose of your visit  
    • your invitation letter from the University of Edinburgh with details of your programme 
  • how you intend to support yourself financially during your stay 
    • for example, bank statements, scholarship letter, educational loan documents 
  • your accommodation 
    • for example, an accommodation contract or evidence of temporary accommodation where you will stay while you look for somewhere to live 
  • your intention to leave the UK before the end of the 6-months period 
    • for example, return flight tickets or evidence that you are expected to return to your home country to complete your studies 
  • your ATAS certificate, if required 

You can find full details for the Standard Visitor visa including the visa fees and more information about the required documents on the UKVI website. 

UKVI information for Standard Visitor visas

How to apply for your immigration permission


Next steps 

  • If you have received a successful visitor visa decision after an application (entry clearance) please make sure to only travel to the UK after the start date of your visa vignette, whilst it is valid.

Travelling to the UK 



What to do if your application has been refused  

Contact us immediately if your visa application has been refused. 

Email us at

In your email, provide the following:    

  • your name  

  • your date of birth   

  • your nationality   

  • your student number   

  • where you made your application

  • an attachment with your refusal notice (include all pages)  

We prioritise visa refusals, so you can get advice as quickly as possible.