Student Immigration Service

Healthcare and insurance on a Standard Visitor visa

All students on a full-time course in Scotland are eligible for National Health Service (NHS) treatment, but you may have to pay for more specialised services.

Healthcare you are entitled to 

If you are studying in Scotland full-time as a visiting student on the Standard Visitor route and you become ill or have an accident, you will be able to access free NHS treatment.  

It must not be your intention to access healthcare when you travel to the UK.  

Factsheet on free NHS healthcare if you are studying full-time in Scotland 

Take out insurance 

We advise that students take out adequate travel insurance which includes a medical element and protection to cover personal items (for example, luggage, books, personal computers). 

You should research the options available to you and select the insurance policy which is most suited to your situation. 

UKCISA information about medical insurance 

EUSA health insurance information

If you have a pre-existing health condition 

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, we strongly advise that you contact the Student Disability Service which will be able to provide advice and support about treatment and medication. 

Contact the Student Disability Service team