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Personal Tutor and Student Support Review

Information about our Personal Tutor and Student Support Review

Personal Tutor and Student Support Review 

Over the course of the calendar year 2019, we conducted a review of the current personal tutor and student support system for taught students. 

The review found that there is excellent practice in our personal tutor and student support system across the University. However, there are also pressures and areas of concern reported by both students and staff.  

Accordingly, a new model for student support was recommended to the Senate Education Committee and to the University Executive, both of whom have approved the new model.

Due to the impact of Covid-19, the implementation of that model was delayed but has now restarted, and the new model will be delivered in 10 Schools from the start of academic year 2022/23, and in all remaining Schools/Deaneries from the start of academic year 2023/24. 


The Personal Tutor and Student Support Review looked at academic roles as well as the professional services which provide student support - as it is important that these two elements were reviewed together. 

The review was led by a Design Group, bringing together members of the Senate Education Committee as well as members of the Student Administration & Support Programme Board from within the Service Excellence Programme. 

The review involved significant student and staff engagement through a variety of face to face and online activities, benchmarking with other universities, as well as further research in areas such as wellbeing. It looked for opportunities to learn from and build on current best practice. 

Over the course of September and October 2019, we presented possible student support models for discussion, feedback and evaluation. 

In November 2019, we analysed the feedback together with our background research, and presented a consultation report and recommended evolved model of support to our governance groups, and the proposals were approved in principle in early 2020. 

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