Sport & Exercise

Get active with our annual Big Dig

Active Lives are very excited to launch our annual tree planting event in partnership with the Woodland Trust and we need your help!

With a joint effort from the teams at Sport & Exercise and Estates, and in conjunction with the wonderful team at the Woodland Trust, we are pleased to announce that we will be planting 700 trees at the University’s Easter Bush campus for the second year running. Not only is this a suitably delightful way to support our environment, but it’s a great way to be active too.

With your help, we’ve planted more than 50 million trees since we began in 1972 and worked with thousands of landowners, schools and local authorities.

Woodland trust

When will the Big Dig take place?

The 2023 big dig dates are still to be confirmed. 

Why take part?

This is about getting active, but also so much more. This project ties in with all 5 of the well-being pillars:

  1. Connecting: With others and nature.
  2. Being active: Digging and walking.
  3. Taking notice:  Of the wonderful environment we live in.
  4. Keep learning: About different tree types and their purpose.
  5. Give: Giving back to nature and the University community.

For further reading on the benefits of enjoying nature please read this article from British Heart Foundation: 

Read '7 ways to reduce your stress by enjoying nature' 

This year also marks a very special year for her majesty the Queen as she is celebrating her Platinum Jubilee - 70 years on the throne. To mark this spectacular occasion her majesty has created a tree-planting campaign called 'The Green Canopy'. This is a unique tree planting initiative that invites people from all over the UK to “Plant a Tree for the Jubilee”. 

Read more on the Queen's Green Canopy 

Anything else I need to know?

Full details will be shared with you once you’ve reserved your space, but things you may need to know just now:

  • All Covid guidelines will be adhered to, which includes a briefing before the session.
  • Bring water, wear old clothes and sensible walking shoes.
  • Tree planting equipment will be provided.
  • EasterBush Campus is located 7 miles from the city centre, so please make sure you can travel there (safely) before reserving a place.
  • The Active Lives team will be with you all the way, with specialist input from the experts at the University Estates Landscaping team.
  • We will meet outside the Charnock Bradley Building at the Easter Bush Campus.

Feedback from last year's tree planters

 It was a great feeling planting the trees and knowing that they will be there for hopefully a long time.    

Despite the rain, I felt very satisfied and upbeat due to spending time with colleagues outdoors in the fresh air.

Was a nice opportunity to take a break from staring at a screen, meet new people, see a bit more of the campus and just be outside!