Sport & Exercise

Keep active from home

We recognise that not everyone is on campus full-time. Therefore, we have created a bank of online resources to help you build movement into your daily life even when working or studying from home, as we know the benefits of moving more, more often each day.

Our colleagues from the Physical Activity for Health Research Centre have created an online toolkit to support you in integrating movement into your home life:

View PAHRC guide

How to video guides - exercise at home

Exercise mat and skipping rope
Video how-to guides for a range of simple exercises you can do at home

How to video guides - Active for Life

Man doing Tai Chi
Video how-to guides of exercises suitable for those who are new, returning to exercise or for the active older adult.

Introduction to running

3 people running
Advice and support for those looking to incorporate running into their exercise routine.

Introduction to Yoga

Person doing yoga
An introduction to some of the basic building blocks of yoga - an ideal form of exercise at home.

Introduction to Pilates

Person doing Pilates
Short introduction videos to the six key principles of Pilates and How-to guides from FASIC - the University’s Sport and Medicine Clinic.