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Highlighted Publications

Cytomegalovirus miRNAs Target Secretory Pathway Genes to Facilitate Formation of the Virion Assembly Compartment and Reduce Cytokine Secretion

Lauren M Hook, Finn Grey, Robert Grabski, Rebecca Tirabassi, Tracy Doyle, Meaghan Hancock, Igor Landais, Sophia Jeng, Shannon McWeeney, William Britt, Jay A Nelson Cell Host and Microbe Vol: 15 Pages: 363-73 12 Mar 2014

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Systematic MicroRNA Analysis Identifies ATP6V0C as an Essential Host Factor for Human Cytomegalovirus Replication

Jonathan Pavelin, Natalie Reynolds, Stephen Chiweshe, Guanming Wu, Rebecca Tiribassi, Finn Grey Plos pathogens Vol: 9 Pages: e1003820 Dec 2013

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A Viral microRNA Down-Regulates Multiple Cell Cycle Genes through mRNA 5 ' UTRs

Finn Grey, Rebecca Tirabassi, Heather Meyers, Guanming Wu, Shannon McWeeney, Lauren Hook, Jay A. Nelson Plos pathogens Vol: 6 Pages: - Jun 2010

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Murine cytomegalovirus encodes a miR-27 inhibitor disguised as a target

V. Libri, A. Helwak, P. Miesen, D. Santhakumar, J.G. Borger, G. Kudla, F. Grey, D. Tollervey, A.H. Buck Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Vol: 109 Pages: 279-284 Jan 2012

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