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Specific Learning Difficulties Network host first workshop

The two day event was held at The Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Specific Learning Difficulties Network photo

The Specific Learning Difficulties Network was established by Dr Silvia Paracchini (University of St Andrews) and Dr Michelle Luciano (University of Edinburgh) and brings together developmental scientists and stakeholders from the charity sector, education, and clinical practice. Their mission is to set a research agenda for learning difficulties that prioritises the most pressing needs of people with or caring for a young person with learning difficulties and the organisations that support them.

The workshop brought together researchers with different expertise across human genetics, cognitive neuroscience, brain imaging, participant co-created research, and education. Stakeholders from Dyslexia Scotland and Education Scotland, for instance, shared their vision on priorities, challenges, and educational support. Results from a recent UK survey of people with or caring for a young person with dyslexia, dysgraphia, or dyscalculia were also shared at the meeting to capture their views.

The aim was to provide a platform to facilitate dialogue and collaboration and to share knowledge and experiences. Importantly, after afternoon discussions, an action plan was drafted for the next steps to move the most urgent research in the area forward.

The workshop also provided a rare opportunity for representatives of the Westminster and Holyrood party groups to be involved in the process and understand the differences across the devolved nations.

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