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Philosophy PhD student paper accepted for prestigious conference

Olivia Coombes will present her paper at the largest philosophy conference in the UK

Edinburgh Science Festival: music and the mind

Psychology researchers share their research into dementia, turn-taking and motor neurone disease at the 2019 Edinburgh Science Festival (6-21 April)

Celebration of research impact highlights MND research

Image generated by a high-tech brain scan
Professor Sharon Abrahams' research into motor neurone disease was highlighted at a University event celebrating knowledge exchange and impact activities

Philosophy hub is good for thought, experts say

Key life skills that pupils can learn from philosophy are available from a new online hub.

Centres spread word on bilingualism benefits

More people in the US are set to be supported and encouraged to speak more than one language thanks to the international expansion of an Edinburgh initiative

Unsung women of Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Sciences

The School of Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Sciences celebrates International Women’s Day on 8 March 2019

PPLS students shortlisted for Student Awards

Psychology Student Staff Partnership Project Team 2018-19
Students from Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences have secured 6 nominations in 5 categories at the Student Awards 2019

Philosophy of race focus for major new appointment

One of the US’s foremost experts on the philosophy of race and gender is set to join the University and help establish Edinburgh as a leader in the field.

Social and political philosophy appointments

Philosophy is delighted to announce the appointment of two permanent faculty working in social and political philosophy

Believing your partner cares is good for health

Having an attentive partner can significantly improve your long-term health and even life expectancy, research suggests.