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Scots Wird Hunt at Edinburgh Libraries

A magnifying glass hovers over a Scots Dictionary entry for "Wird" (Word)
University linguists team up with Scottish Language Dictionaries and local Scots speakers to illuminate the language's rich history

Perceptive portraits of celebrated group captures how to age well

John Scott and his portrait with the artist Fionna Carlisle  PHOTO Douglas Robertson
Healthy ageing study brought to life in an art exhibition celebrating its participants

Clues that suggest lying may be deceptive

False true
The verbal and physical signs of lying are harder to detect than people believe, a study suggests

Affable apes apt to live longer, study shows

​​​​​​​Male chimps that are less aggressive and form strong social bonds tend to live longer, research suggests.

Risk of veering off-topic in chat rises with age

Risk of veering off-topic
People are more likely to deviate off topic during conversation, the older they become, research suggests.

MND affects thinking in up to 80 per cent of patients, study finds

Four out of five people with motor neuron disease are likely to experience changes in their brain function, as well as impaired movement, research suggests.

Turn-taking play visits local schools

Parents noticing how well their daughter has learnt to take turns!
Lauren Hadley and Nina Fisher have developed and trialled a play communicating their research in turn-taking

Baby talk words build language skills

The more baby talk words that infants are exposed to the quicker they grasp language, a study suggests.

Wellbeing highlighted in student-staff partnership project

Psychology staff and students have created resources to raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Languages, love and feminist philosophy

PPLS researchers at the Fringe - promotional artwork for shows
Researchers from the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences will take the stage at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe