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Psychology study shows Mediterranean diet linked to thinking skills

People who eat a Mediterranean-style diet—particularly one rich in green leafy vegetables and low in meat—are more likely to stay mentally sharp in later life, a Psychology study shows.

Study with Psychology researchers suggests air pollution poses risk to thinking skills

Exposure to air pollution in childhood is linked to a decline in thinking skills in later life, a study suggests.

Social psychology study reveals fans show confidence in return to sports events

Fans have confidence in organisers of sports events to keep them safe at fixtures, a study shows.

Professor Ian Deary retires

Professor Ian Deary
Professor Deary’s retirement comes after serving 35 years in the Psychology department at the University of Edinburgh, where he joined as lecturer in September 1985 and became Personal Chair in Differential Psychology in 1995.

Psychology researchers find that babies breastfed for three months or more are less prone to social and emotional setbacks

Children who are breastfed for three months or more develop fewer behavioural difficulties than those who are not, research suggests.

The British Academy awards Postdoctoral Fellowship to Psychology postdoctoral researcher

British Academy Carlton House
Psychology researcher Dr Drew Altschul receives Postdoctoral Fellowship from distinguished British Academy

Philosophy Professor Shannon Vallor leads new centre that bridges gap between tech and morality

How societies can innovate with technologies while having a firm ethical grounding is to be the focus of a major new hub.

Psychology professor receives funding for pioneering project into motor neuron disease

Psychology Building, 7 George Square
Professor Sharon Abrahams receives funding from MND Scotland to research the mental capacity of MND patients to make treatment decisions

Linguistics Professor and Director of Bilingualism Matters elected as Fellow of the British Academy

British Academy building
Linguistics Professor Antonella Sorace joins the 2020 cohort of elected Fellows of the distinguished British Academy

Music record inventively illuminates research into the evolution of words relating to “light”

Sing the Gloaming record sleeve
Professor Simon Kirby collaborated with artists & musicians around Scotland to create ‘Sing the Gloaming,’ a vinyl record of experimental music grounded in research