School of Philosophy, Psychology & Language Sciences

PPLS Perspectives Podcast

Join students and academics from across the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences (PPLS) in an exploration of our cutting-edge research and its real-world impact. If you have an interest in philosophy, psychology and language sciences or just have an inquisitive nature, PPLS Perspectives is the podcast for you!

Episode one: The Philosophy of Grief

In our first episode, PhD student Ellie Palmer chats with Professor Michael Cholbi about his work on the philosophy of grief.

Episode Two: Accent Bias

Does the way we speak act as a barrier to social mobility? In our second episode PhD candidate Gilly Marchini discusses this issue with sociolinguist Dr. Christian Ilbury.

Episode three: Bilingualism in Autism

Can growing up around people speaking several languages aid in brain development among those with autism? In our third episode PhD candidate Aya Awwad discusses this issue with Dr Berengere Digard.

Episode four: The Brain Abstracted

In our fourth episode Dr. Mazviita Chirimuuta discusses her work and new book The Brain Abstracted: Simplification in the History and Philosophy of Neuroscience with early career research fellow Kate Nave.

Episode five: Evolution of Language

How does language evolve from generation to generation? What factors shape the way we communicate? Professor Kenny Smith sits down to chat to PhD student Maisy Hallam about his work in our latest episode.