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Health and wellbeing support for students

The University provides a wide range of health and wellbeing support and facilities for students all year round.

Here are a few examples of services and facilities the University provides to support your health and wellbeing. You can find out more on the Student Health and Wellbeing webpages.   

Student Health and Wellbeing  

The Health and Wellbeing Centre 

Students’ health and wellbeing is at the forefront of the Health and Wellbeing Centre. 

It is a hub for student services such as the Student Counselling Service, the Disability and Learning Support Service, the University NHS Health Centre and an independent Pharmacy. 

It also includes a Wellbeing Lounge, where you can take some time out in a quiet and relaxing space. 

Health and Wellbeing Centre 

Student Support Model 

The new model of student support will provide enhanced support for you throughout your time at the University. From the start of the 2022/23 academic year, you’ll be able to speak to Wellbeing Advisers if you’re experiencing issues impacting on your health, wellbeing, studies and personal life. They will provide support and you can chat through with them how you are feeling. 

The Wellbeing Advisers can provide you with advice and guidance on wellbeing-related issues and will also be able to discuss and link you up with our other University services, such as the Student Counselling Service or the Disability and Learning Support Service, if needed, as well as signposting to external agencies.

Further changes to student support are being worked on, so check out our webpages to find out more: 

Our new Student Support Model

Student counselling 

There is a range of advice and support available if you are experiencing issues or difficult circumstances and need someone to talk to. 

The Advice Place, Student Counselling Service, Chaplaincy and the Listening Service all provide free, confidential services. The Advice Place is part of the Students’ Association and can provide advice on health and wellbeing, accommodation, finances and anything related to your studies. 

The Student Counselling Service is available to all students, on campus and online. They offer counselling over the phone, in-person and by email. The quickest way to register with the Student Counselling Service is by completing their online form. 

The University Listening Service is provided by the Chaplaincy and is open to all students of any or no faith. Appointments are available from 9 to 5pm on weekdays and the service can also be contacted out of hours for emergencies. They are there to listen to any concerns, difficulties or anxieties you may be experiencing – nothing is too big or too small.

Speak to someone 

Student Counselling 

Self-referral form 

Health services 

The University NHS Health Centre is an independent medical practice. It offers full general practitioner (GP) services to patients who live in the practice area. 

University Health Centre website          

A dental and optical medical practice is located in the central University campus within Potterrow.

Dentist and opticians 

You can also register for medical, dental and optical practices off campus, close to where you are living.  

Free sexual health guidance services are available to all students through Lothian Sexual Health.

You can also get free access to period products and condoms.

Sexual and reproductive health 

Access to free period products 

Physical wellbeing 

Physical exercise is great for both body and mind. The University has excellent sport and exercise facilities. There are also clubs to join, activities to take part in and useful resources to help you get started.  

Sport and exercise 

Keep Active 

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