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Membership Packages from 01 August 2022

Information about the membership packages that will be available to students, staff and the wider community from 01 August 2022.

Open to, and affordable for, everybody

We are proud to offer a range of affordable membership packages for everybody in our community. All our memberships include access to the world-class facilities at the Pleasance Gym, over 100 exercise class per week and the swimming pool at St Leonard’s Land. And, we never charge a joining fee.

In 2022/23, we will continue to offer some of the best value student memberships in the country and will be expanding the types of packages available to University of Edinburgh Students.

Peak Gym, Class, Swim memberships from less than £15 a month*

For the 22/23 year we will be re-introducing a 'Full Peak' membership offering access to the Pleasance and Easter Bush gyms, exercises classes and the swimming pool until 31 August 23. We will also be adding, for the first time, an 'Academic Year Peak' membership which will run to 31 May 23. Students will also be able to choose to split the cost of their membership with a Semester 1 Peak and Semester 2 Peak membership available.

Off-peak Gym, Class, Swim memberships from less than £12 a month*

For those student who wish to use the gym at quieter times, we have expanded the number of off-peak memberships available, adding a 'Full off-peak to 31 August 23', an 'Academic Year off-peak to 31 May 23' and 'Semester off-peak' memberships.

Climbing memberships from less than £21 a month*

Following feedback from our community we will also be re-introducing student Climbing memberships, with a range of options available.

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Options currently available

For those University of Edinburgh students who may be completing their studies and not returning in September, our 30-day student membership will still be available until 08 August.

We also continue to offer a one-off entry rate for students (£6). So, if you do not currently have a live membership, or have a membership expiring soon, and are thinking of purchasing a membership for the new academic year, you may be better off paying for one-off entry until the new packages become available on 1 August as no refunds for any ‘cross-over’ periods will be available.


*Based on purchasing a 'Full' membership to 31 August 23 in August 22. Full Peak Gym, Class, Swim membership priced at £170, equivalent to £14.16 per month. Full Off-peak Gym, Class, Swim membership priced at £136, equivalent to £11.33 per month. Full Climbing membership priced at £250, equivalent to £20.83 per month.

We are delighted that this year we will be able to offer a discounted rate to students from other Higher Education institutions with a “Peak Full Gym, Class, Swim” and a “Peak Full Climbing” membership to 31 August available. As these memberships require validation of eligibility they are only available to purchase in-person at Pleasance reception.

Students from other Higher Education institutions looking for a shorter-term commitment can choose to purchase a Community Access membership.

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We will continue to offer a 30-day and 90-day rate for University of Edinburgh Staff, Community and Seniors (off-peak) for our non-student community. Prices have been frozen and will remain as they were this year.

University staff and Community members will also be able to choose a membership that includes access to the Climbing Wall. 

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