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Why Football is More Than Just a Game

As the Scottish Premier League season begins, an academic football course delivered by the University’s Academy of Sport has received praise from its participants.

More Than Just a Game is a seven-week programme teaching adult learners about data management, health and finances through the lens of football, in partnership with Hibernian Football Club Community Foundation.

Students from the local community have reported that the programme has increased their knowledge and even boosted their mental health. For some, it has been a return to academics for the first-time since their school days.

I suffer from mental health illnesses, that’s kind of why I’m here as well, it gets me out the house and gets me to do stuff…It makes me realise what football can bring to people.

AndrewProgramme Participant

The programme is run by Professor Grant Jarvie from the University’s Academy of Sport and Dr Neil Spears, Widening Participation Manager.

We learn just as much from the students as they learn from us, it’s a fantastic relationship.

Dr Neil SpearsWidening Participation Manager

Being in partnership with Edinburgh University lets our community come in and engage with their love of football.

Brenda BlackProgramme Development Manager, Hibernian

Visit the Academy of Sport's website for more information on their pioneering project.