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University Supports Sudanese Forum

The University has supported the launch of the Edinburgh Sudanese Cultural Forum with a Community Grant.

The Cultural Forum launched on Monday 27th January with an evening of music, dance, art and food at the University's Chaplaincy. Key supporters from the University, including Michelle Brown (Deputy Director Social Responsibility & Sustainability (SRS) and Head of SRS Programmes) and Rowena Arshad (Chair in Multicultural and Anti-Racist Education and Co-Director of the Centre for Education for Racial Equality in Scotland) joined Sudanese representatives to hear plans for the future and celebrate the launch.

Going forward, the organisation aims to act as a way to honour and promote the Sudanese community in Edinburgh and beyond. This will take the shape of monthly cultural forums with a focus on Sudanese art and culture and the role young people can play in the community.

Launching our Sudanese Cultural Forum was a key milestone in our partnership project with the University. One of the most exciting bits of this project is supporting grassroots leadership of our shabaab (youth)! This is directly funded by the grant we were awarded via the University's 'Edinburgh Local' team.

Zaki El-SalahiYouth work volunteer, the Sudanese Community in Edinburgh 


I was interested in joining this project to help develop the presence of the Sudanese community in the city as a member of the community for almost 17 years here in Edinburgh. I look forward to using my leadership and event management experience to create many exciting events for the Sudanese youth and for others to experience our rich culture too. 

Ahmed MusaYouth Advisor


I’ve always been a part of the Sudanese community in Edinburgh since I moved here, and I’ve wanted to have a bigger role in connecting the community. I'm looking forward to working with Sudanese people in helping them understand our culture further and help me develop my skills in community work.

Azza DafaallaYouth Advisor

We look forward to sharing more details of the project over the coming months. 

Get in touch with the Sudanese Cultural Forum:

Email: sdcomscotland@gmail.com

Twitter: @SudanEdinburgh

Facebook: Sudanese Community in Edinburgh