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Lothian Disability Badminton Club

Students at our Badminton Club have been helping out fellow players at the Lothian Disability Badminton Club in Midlothian.

Badminton Club
Lothian Disability Badminton Club

On most Tuesday evenings over the past couple of years, you can find volunteers from the Sports Union’s Badminton Club helping out at the Lothian Disability Badminton Club (LDBC) in Musselburgh.

The students take part in drills and rallies with LDBC players of all ages and abilities, which helps to develop their skills and confidence and to improve their playing.


Scottish Regional Championships

Student volunteers also help out at the annual Scottish Regional (Restricted) Disability Championships which this year were held in January.

As the Championships are a relatively large-scale event, the students’ help with scoring enables the event to be run as smoothly as possible, and they’re so good they’ve been invited back again to help next year.

The visits by the students have been very beneficial to the Club’s members, helping out with the beginners and being able to help coach the intermediate players in the later sessions. This gives us the chance to get more training in our club nights and also include a greater social aspect at the same time.

Player from LDBC


The LDBC supports people with a physical or learning disability, both children and adults, who wish to play badminton. They provide facilities and opportunities to learn new skills and improve on existing ones in a supportive and friendly environment. 


Knowing that our efforts make a big difference to LDBC is something that motivates us to volunteer.  We really admire the determination and passion for the game which the LDBC players exhibit, and the people we’ve met have a really positive mindset and are inspiring in their wish to improve their game.

Steph Tsang, Edinburgh University Badminton Club’s Community Outreach Officer

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