Academy of Sport - Acadamaidh Spòrs Oilthigh Dhùn Èideann

Football: More than a Game (credit & non-credit)

Explore the world of football, its role in the world today, finances, clubs, nations, rivalries and much more.

There are two versions of our innovative course on football.

The massive open online course Football: More than a Game can be accessed on the FutureLearn platform.

First launched in October 2014 and subsequently offered again in June 2015, the course is free.

A credit-bearing blended learning course Football: More than a Game features in the programme of the Office of Lifelong Learning from January 2016.

Football is often called the people’s game - it has more than 200 million viewers world wide and major tournaments such as the FIFA World Cup are viewed by the vast majority of countries around the world.

Both courses introduce participants to the global game of football (soccer), why it is called the people’s game, how it has developed in different parts of the world and why major sporting events are important to different countries.

It covers governance, strategy, and leadership in different football settings, identifies key people, players and nations and provides a behind-the-scenes overview of the world of football.

It looks at different profiles of football fans, nations, and players in terms of fitness coaching, demographics and economics (that is, players wages, migration patterns, levels of sponsorship and the role of positive coaching)

Over the course of six weeks, we look at different aspects of football in terms of some of its economic, social, cultural, historical, and psychological parameters.

Many people support the course delivery, including Liverpool legend and former Match of the Day analyst Alan Hansen and Mel Young founder of the Homeless World Cup.