Research Data Service

DataVault long-term retention

A service to archive golden copy research data.

* Users working from home - to access the DataVault you may need the VPN. *

Why use DataVault

Decide if DataVault is the right place for your data


Cost of archiving and size of deposits

Prepare your data

What you need to do to prepare your data for long-term archiving in the DataVault

Deposit data

How to deposit data in the DataVault

Retrieve data

The process of retrieving data from the DataVault

Roles and permissions

Overview of roles and permissions in the DataVault

Personal data

Advice about research data containing personal data and the DataVault

File integrity

How DataVault keeps files safe

Review process

DataVault review process (reviewing data for decision-making around deletion or retention)

How-to videos

These videos demonstrate and explain how University of Edinburgh users can use the Edinburgh DataVault.

DataVault FAQs

Edinburgh DataVault Frequently Asked Questions