Research Data Service

Retrieve data

The process of retrieving data from the DataVault

What you need to do to get data from your vault

If you are the Owner of a vault or one of the nominated Data Managers, then you should be able to find the vault and get a copy of any or all deposits in it through the website using your University login:

You will need to identify a location to which the data may be copied, where sufficient storage capacity is available for the whole of the retrived deposit(s). The DataVault will not overwrite your existing files. You should create a new empty folder to be the destination each time you retrieve data. If your homespace and group space don't have enough spare capacity, please contact the team to discuss temporary access to a space for retrieving your data.

Video demonstrating how to retrieve your deposit from the DataVault

How-to videos

Sharing data with an external user

If you wish to then share the data with a user outside of the University of Edinburgh, you may wish to use the DataVault Outward Staging Area (DOSA) in combination with DataSync or GlobusFTP. 

Sharing data with an external user

Data residing in a vault belonging to another user

If you wish to access a copy of data stored in a DataVault vault belonging to another user, you should ask them to provide you with a copy.