Research Data Service

Deposit data

How to deposit data in the DataVault

The DataVault is available at:

If you have not already done so, please ensure your dataset is ready for deposit by working through the following guidance. Make sure you schedule plenty of time to get your data into DataVault when the time comes - deposits will be queued over multiple days to allow the server resource to be managed efficiently, so you need to get the vault submitted and files deposited several days before you anticipate any users needing to access the data.

Once your data files are ready, there will be three steps to follow:

  1. Create your vault

Create a vault. The curators of the Research Data Support team will check the metadata you have provided, and the information about how you will pay for any fees, and may contact you for further information before approving the vault.

  1. Tell DataVault where your files are

Login to DataVault with your University login and use the 'File Locations' section to record the details DataVault needs to connect to the Storage Area(s) and folder(s) where your files are located on DataStore; note: this is done on the 'File Locations' page. You need do this only once for each DataStore area you want to deposit files from (eg you might add one location for your homespace and a second for your group's shared area).

Your folder/directory names and path should not contain any whitespace characters such as ( ) or begin with a dot (.), so a folder named 'Research Data' should be edited to 'ResearchData'.


Further help composing the path and hostname:


3. Deposit your data

Deposit data into the vault you have created (note: you can make multiple deposits into one Vault).

Videos demonstrating the process