Research Data Service

Review process

DataVault review process (reviewing data for decision-making around deletion or retention)

All vaults have a review date. The review date is when all or part of the data in the vault will be deleted (unless the review date is pushed back). 

When a vault's review date is approaching, the vault owner will be notified and given the option to:

 - delete any of the deposits;

 - extend the review date further into the future (and provide any associated extra resource to fund the continued storage of the deposits not tagged for deletion).

Should the vault owner no longer be an active member of staff, the DataVault support team will consult with the stakeholders - the  Nominated Data Manager(s) and/or the School Data Manager on behalf of the Head of School to make these decisions.

The College and the University archiving service are also part of the chain of custody. In cases where the owner is no longer at the University, and where the School has not provided resource for data to be kept, then College officers and/or the archiving service will be given the opportunity to input to the decision.

To ensure a valid and appropriate outcome to this review process, and to any requests for access to the data, it is vital that owners and depositors ensure they provide detailed information at the time of deposit about:

  - any reasons for deleting data sooner than the funder's default minimum retention period e.g. privacy of subjects or commercial sensitivity of the data;

 - any reasons why the data should be kept longer than the funder's default minimum retention period e.g. particular significance of the work or long-term potential for re-use.