Research Data Service


Cost of archiving and size of deposits


Resource must be in place before a deposit is made. The Principal Investigator will be required to confirm that an active grant or budget code is available from which they will be able to pay for their DataVault storage when we issue their bill, if any. 

There are charges for depositing data in the DataVault. They are applied proportionally to the volume of data and the period of storage, calculated to the nearest pound, with a minimum period of three years (payment can be spread over the three years). The rates are available on the Charges page.

View DataVault storage charges (wiki content)

Smaller deposits will only be charged for the storage that has been used, to the nearest pound. So, a 500 GB deposit will be charged half of the price of a 1 terabyte deposit.  

There is currently no charge for archiving data up to 100 GB (total size per project).

Planning ahead

You should remember to include the costs of future storage needs when making any grant applications and Data Management Plans.

You can simplify your project budget by reserving a 'slice' of DataVault storage in advance at no extra cost. The period of the storage will be counted as starting when you make your first deposit. No refunds will be made on such up-front payments to reserve slices of DataVault storage.


Size of deposits

The DataVault has been tested with deposits up to ten terabytes in size. Please note that deposits over one terabyte in size may take a long time (several days) to deposit and to retrieve. If you wish to be able to retrieve a subset(s) of your data separately, then you should split the dataset into corresponding deposits.  If you wish to archive data greater than 10 TB in size, please contact the support team. 


Payment details

If your data will be over the amount that is free of charge, we need you to send us your payment details before we approve your new vault. For example, in most cases we will ask the user to send us their Budget Code or Journal Payment details. 

Do contact us if you have any questions or need any help.